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Counseling With Leigh
About Leigh
I decided my life needed a change of direction, and got lucky enough to start college at the age of 38. I now have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from Pitzer College, and a Master's of Arts in Counseling Psychology from St. Martin's College in Lacy, WA. College was a wonderful privilege, but that time providing for my family and raising my family taught me every bit as much as college. I have a special interest in helping families create and maintain a safe and healthy home environment. My greatest and most valued training has come through the individuals and families who have given me the privilege of working with them through their challenges and their growing pains. So, I am just a guy who has worked, raised a family, and I know that life can be a challenge.

 That is my story, and I enjoy telling it, but it is the story you are living, and about to live, that is most important here.
Thank you for your interest and considering starting therapy. Getting to know a little about me, before you commit is a smart thing. Counseling is very personal, requiring vulnerability and trust. I take that trust seriously. I want to assure you that your trust and ability to be open will be respected and held in confidence.
My educational background is a bit of a story, but it shapes how I approach counseling. I struggled through high school, and decided to go to work and raise a family; rather than go to college. I was a father, raised two great boys, and then had a wonderful daughter. I worked as a boat builder for ten years, and then at Reynolds Aluminum Cable Plant, in Longview, WA., for almost 10 years. We raised a family and struggled from paycheck to paycheck. I struggled with teenagers in the home, while working a variety of shifts at the factory.