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I have worked in the field of domestic violence for the past 20 years – with both victims and perpetrators. I know that each relationship is unique and vital to the individuals involved - that relationship expectations vary widely. This subject ignites strong emotional reactions from all quarters whenever it is discussed, and with good reason. But, I have too often heard, “if you heard the whole story you would understand why…”. It is my belief, there is no rational – no formula that can justify abuse in a family. The one place in this world that should be, and should feel, without reservation: safe, nurturing, supportive, where we are heard, where we feel cared for, respected, and valued is our family home. I work with couples that are sincere and open in addressing conflict: partners who are willing to accept responsibility for behaviors in the relationship. Participants should not be court mandated: or must have completed any court requirements. I no longer work with court involved relationship issues. The legal system is needed as a last resort. It should not be the first effort at maintaining peace in the home. If you have questions about mutual respect in your home – then act. If you think you may be involved in a domestically abusive relationship, please use the resources identified on this page. If you are now in a crisis, call 911 for immediate assistance.
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